Description of the project

The global aim of the project presented here is to contribute to the increasing number and the quality of the qualified human resources for 1) research and development in the area of medicine, pharmacy and other biomedical sciences and 2) all types of provided medical care to the inhabitants of the CR. Charles University believes the above mentioned defined aim can be reached especially by making the educational and research activity of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Faculty in Hradec Králové more attractive and of higher quality, which is the main purpose of this project.

18 550 m2 of educational and research spaces in one locality are going to be built altogether in the presented project. Consequently, a unique educational centre, the first of its kind in the Czech Republic, integrating education, research and development in medical, pharmaceutical areas with a direct connection with clinical practice immediately relating to Faculty hospital Hradec Králové and Faculty of Military Medicine of Defence University whose students study at the Medical and Pharmaceutical Faculty, will be created by connection with the first realized part of the campus.

Teaching in some academic subjects at both the faculties is very close, especially concerning the subjects from the field of biological disciplines. A big advantage is the possibility to interconnect the teaching of these similar subjects, both organizationally and spatially, at the Medical Faculty and Pharmaceutical Faculty of Charles University in Hradec Králové.

The tasks of Educational and research centre MEPHARED are as follows:

  • improving of study and work conditions of the faculties,
  • securing the development of research activity,
  • support of interdisciplinary activities (educational programs, research programs),
  • support of postgraduate and master study programs,
  • perspective of the growth in the number of foreign students and also support of exchange study programs,
  • support of international exchange study stays
  • making conditions for the development of all life education.